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Small groups

Our low adult/child ratio allows us to better connect with the children and get to know each child.

Play and emotion

Emotions through play as the main vehicle for learning. Learning by playing, or "playing to learn".


Our qualified guides will communicate only in English with the children.


What is Green Tree?

Green Tree is a beautifully appointed English nursery school in a leafy suburb of Malaga. Above all, it is a welcoming and safe space for children aged 1 to 3 to play and learn in a caring, home from home environment with total linguistic immersion in English.

In Green Tree, the children learn about themselves and others, whilst at the same time discovering their potential. Naturally inquisitive and creative, children want to explore and understand our environment. We encourage this through play whilst offering first rate care, entirely in English.

A nurturing and respectful education
Each child learns and develops at their own pace and is capable of being the protagonist of their own learning. Our staff do not interfere in or try to direct this learning process, but rather, are on hand to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the child and assist them with an activity if requested, observe and keep a record of activities and the needs of our children. This serves to elaborate an individual evaluation of each child.

The early years of a child´s life are extremely important so we have thought of every tiny detail to offer an enriching and nurturing space. Through play, we create experiences to stimulate the pace of emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual development of each child.

Our English Nursery School in Malaga was developed to:

- Offer children an ideal space to learn English from a very early age.
- Create a homely, warm environment where children can enjoy learning through play, experimentation and free movement.

At Green Tree the most important thing is to make children and their families feel at home during their time with us, cared for by professionals who give them affection, encourage them to understand the world and guide them on their journey to independence. Our aim is to be a unique and special space for unique, special little people. We welcome families to help the children feel at home.



This idea was born after the birth of my daughter.

But if you want to know more, I will tell you….:

I needed to find a nursery to care for my daughter whilst I was at work, and as I wanted her to experience full immersion in English at the nursery, I started to search for an English nursery in Málaga. I was convinced, and I still am, that offering her a special education in English at such an early age, would open so many doors to her in the future; and not only with English, but also with other languages as well.

I was looking for an English nursery where play was the main learning methodology, contact with nature, where my daughter could freely move... in summary, a very special place for my baby.

Unable to find anything that met my requirements for such a special place in Málaga, the seed to start my own English nursery was sown. I thought that other children could benefit from a play-based education and in English too, and that it was very likely other families would be looking for something similar as well.

After many years ´nurturing´ this idea and searching for the right location for this special project, finally my dream of establishing an English Nursery became a reality. Green tree, this play-based nursery that has been created with loads of love.

- Green tree, because all children are potential “green trees”.
- Green tree, because we want to develop strong roots so that this tree becomes green and leafy.
- Green tree, because we want to let it grow in freedom and rich experiences, so that it becomes a self-sufficient and autonomous tree.
- Green tree, because we all play a part, either in the form of a leaf, a branch, a blossom, or a root, or a stem…, and we are all equally important to give life to this tree.
- Green tree, because the tree only flourishes with love and dedication.

And with this philosophy, we work at Green tree, English nursery in Málaga.

Call us 678375262 or email us at info@greentree.es